Crushing & Wash Plants

We work with mining facilities, quarries and industrial work sites and offer a wide range of services for crushing and wash plants. Based in Withcott, the professional team at Himec Electrical can service, maintain and repair crushing and wash plants, regardless of the size and scope of the operation. Our priority is to provide quality work in a timely manner.

Plant services

We have a wealth of experience working with crushing and wash plants and we do everything from connecting all elements together, servicing issues that develop, maintaining the successful function of the work site and, of course, addressing any electrical issues that crop up.


Connecting up crushing and wash plants requires an understanding of the precision work involved to ensure efficient functionality of the plant.

Servicing & Repair

We can repair any issues that might arise at the work site and we provide prompt servicing to get everything operating as smoothly and quickly as possible. We are available in the event an emergency develops.


Proper maintenance is important for crushing and wash plants and we take care of the long-term needs to ensure everything functions properly and there are no major setbacks.

Electrical issues

Crushing and wash plants often rely on high voltage, which means an electrical issue can be highly problematic. We are always available to handle electrical issues any time they occur.
cabling and construction

Why choose us?

We have nearly 40 years of experience with crushing and wash plants and we have worked with many types of facilities. We take great pride in our quality work, timely servicing and exceptional customer service.

Consult with us

If you are constructing a crushing and wash plant or need servicing, maintenance or electrical help for a current work site, consult with us today to find out how we can help.